Institution Calendar for 2016

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Date Week Day Holiday
January – 26 Tuesday Republic Day
March – 07 Monday Maha Shivratri
March – 24 Thursday Holi
March – 25 Friday Good Friday
April – 15 Friday Ram Navami
July – 06 Wednesday Id-Ul-Fitr
August – 15 Monday Independence Day
August – 25 Thursday Krishna Janmastami
September – 05 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
September – 12 Monday Bakri Id
October – 02 Sunday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi
October – 06 to 11 Thursday toTuesday Panchmi to Dashami
October – 12 Wednesday Muharram
October – 30 to 01 Nov Sunday to Tuesday Diwali to Bhaiya Dooj
November – 04 to 06 Friday to Sunday Chhath puja
November – 14 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanthi
December – 13 Tuesday Id-E-Milad
December – 25 Sunday Christmas
December – 31 Saturday Year Ending


Notice for 1st Sem.
All students of 1st semester are hereby informed that your new batch will be start from 6th August,2020
New classes of class XI
This is to notify that the new batch of class XI will be start from 12th August, 2020. The willing Student are requested to submit their name on or before 10th August,2020.


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