Rules & Regulation


General Rules:-The following rules are required to be strictly adhered to:-

  • Pupils must attend the class regularly and punctually. Late comers will normally be sent back home.
  • A clean and neat dress must be worn at all times. Pupils in dirty or untidy uniforms may not be allowed to attend classes.
  • Students are not allowed to attend when ailing or suffering from an infectious disease.
  • Pupils must complete their homework regularly.
  • Pupils are required to address their teachers and all other members of teaching & non-teaching staff with due respect and politeness. They are expected to behave always in a proper manner befitting the dignity of the Institute.
  • Any change in the pupils profile including change of address, Mobile No etc. Should immediately be informed in writing.
  • Mobile Phone must be silent mode in the class timing and Institute premises.

Discipline:- The observance of rules of discipline and good Behavior shall be a precondition to a student’s Continuance in the Institute.

Absence:- Students must not remain absent without satisfactory Reasons. In every case a letter from the parents/ Guardian must be Submitted on the day pupil rejoins.

  • In case of absence on medical ground for more than three days, the letter should be supported by a medical certificate and a certificate of fitness.

Special Classes/ Extra classes:-

  • Special classes for pupils, considered to be in need of extra classes are held in the institute premises.
  • Pupils must informed about the special classes by the notice.
  • No any extra fees will be charge for the Special / Extra Classes.


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